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The Shrinking Modern Jewish Homeland.

The Jewish homeland as described in the bible is well known to the entire world. Originally the land promised to the first Hebrew, Abraham, was the land west of the Jordan River. When the twelve tribes of Israel returned to the land of their forefathers after being slaves in Egypt, …

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Obama’s “Values” Red Herring.

Barack Obama

On May 21, 2015, Jeffrey Goldberg from The Atlantic published an interview with US President Barack Obama on ISIS, Iraq and Israel. Here is a review of Obama’s comments on Israel and his deliberate attempt to minimize his threats to Israel. It would appear that the president needs a reminder …

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Tasmania: The New Jerusalem?

 Few visiting Critchley Parker Junior Reserve, a bushland park in Upper Beaconsfield, Tasmania, would ponder how got its name, but there’s a fascinating story behind it: Critchley Parker Junior was the only son of Ernest Frank Critchley Parker a self made publishing magnate… … born into a life of luxury, …

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