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Antisemitism at its finest!

I came across this article I wrote just on four years ago, which was ‘inspired’ by an antisemitic post on the website. I thought it was worthwhile posting again. I thought I’d share this tasty tit-bit of antisemitism with everyone, which I received last week. I suppose it’s part and …

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Jewish Palestinians

Here is a question.  If there are Palestinian Muslims and there are Palestinian Christians, how is it that there are no Palestinian Jews? Here is a possible answer. Prior to 1948 the Jews of the British Mandate of Palestine referred to themselves as “Palestinian” in a manner not unsimilar to …

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Taking Back Our History

The Jewish people in the Middle East are a people under siege. Aside from the perpetual violence leveled at the Jewish minority in the region, the Jewish people are also subject to the theft of our history.  This is a theft that cannot be measured in financial terms.  This is …

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