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Good News Weekend – Israel

I’m writing this week’s Good News Weekend post from Florence, Italy!  I’m so happy to be on holiday in this beautiful city, far from the pressures of life back home in Israel, but don’t worry, Israel is never far from my mind and my heart. This week’s instalment is all …

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From Israel: Seeking Clarity.

As a rule, it is not realistic to think we can achieve full clarity with regard to political acts or decisions. There is always so much we are not privy to, or fail to anticipate – so many interpretations that present themselves. We can try to understand – indeed should try. …

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From Israel: “So, the World is Crazy”

Most of us have known this for some time, but the hysteria about the declaration by President Trump that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel brings this reality home to us all over again. That Palestinian Arabs would react vehemently (and I’ll get to that below) was a given, and …

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