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From Israel: Who Could Have Imagined This??

Not I.  In all of the many years during which I have tracked Israeli pre-election campaigns, I have never encountered a campaign season like this one. I’ve been writing about the multiplicity of new parties, and perhaps that was a clue that I missed: an overt sign of divisiveness.  And …

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The problem with Israeli politics

Consider the following remarkable facts regarding Israel’s parliamentary history: 1) For 20 of the 28 years between 1977 (when Likud first won the elections on a platform of “Greater Israel”) and 2005 (when a Likud government withdrew unilaterally from Gaza in stark contradiction to its electoral pledges), the Israeli government …

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Into the Fray: The rout of the Right.

The Israeli leadership would do well to bear in mind that commitment to the principle of democratic governance is not a suicide pact. Incredibly, today, except for detail in nuance and tone, the formal positions of the major “right-wing” faction, the Likud, has become indistinguishable from positions expounded by the …

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