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The Zionist Bogey-man.

A perennial fixation of the anti-Israel movement is the myth of an all-powerful Jewish lobby working behind the scenes to ensure support for Israel and to crush all opposition.  This idea looms so large and is so overwhelming in the minds of many critics of Israel that the workings and …

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Jake Lynch let off scott-free.

Well as we expected , Jake Lynch has  been let off scot-free for his shocking behaviour during the guest visit to the University of Sydney by Ret.Colonel Richard Kemp on March 11th this year. During this event Lynch exhibited what to us is seen as antisemitism. It appears that the …

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‘Carr’ Sickness !!

A terrific must read piece written by Jack Chrapot and very kindly submitted to ‘Jews Down Under’ by Emily Gian. Media and Advocacy Director, Zionist Federation of Australia.. This Monday night, we sit down to read about the liberation of the Jews from slavery back in the days of the …

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