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From Israel: Are We “Judaizing” Jerusalem??

Of all the outrageous accusations made against Israel by the Palestinian Arabs, this is the only one that I find amusing, in a manner of speaking. How, pray tell, might we “judaize” Jerusalem when it is Jewish? The amusement is fleeting, however, for there is nothing funny about the Arabs’ motivation …

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Arlene from Israel: Rights Spelt Clear.

  This is an old post I found of Arlene Kushner’s from before Jews Down Under was born.! Certainly a ‘keeper’ for all as it lays out the Jewish Rights to the land of Israel. —————————————— A different sort of posting here: legal and historical background that is essential to …

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Settlements: What Israeli lawyers really think.

On January 27, the Australian‘s Middle East correspondent John Lyons reported that a group of “eminent Israelis” and, separately, four “leading lawyers” had written to Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in response to her comments questioning the so-called conventional wisdom that Israel’s settlements are illegal. The group, Lyons reported, urged …

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