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Hell hath no fury like a leftist constrained

“Haaretz” has a nervous breakdown over the removal of the Hamas flag. Sometimes seemingly insignificant events open up a world of understanding to the true state of things. This is the story of one of those events and its aftermath. Recently, the art department at Sapir College in Sderot, the …

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Fighting fire with fire: The Right discovers Lawfare.

Left wing organizations have long viewed judicial activism as their best antidote to electoral failure, but that is about to change. It seems like an axiom of political quantum mechanics that the Left is extremely well financially endowed, while the Right operates on air. Armed with financing from European governments …

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Press release – Left-Wing Activist Detained Overnight by Police.

Press Release Left-Wing Activist Detained Overnight by Police Left-wing activist and former head of “Rabbis for Human Rights,” Arik Ascherman, was detained overnight by the police last Thursday after refusing to agree to the terms of a police-sanctioned restraining order against him. Ascherman was issued a 15-day restraining order following …

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