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From Israel: “Is There a Chance??”

Before I look at various events concerning Israel, I note the date: the Fourth of July.  From here in Jerusalem, I remember. But, as the title of this posting suggests, I am at a loss as to what will ultimately be for America. I know only that the country in …

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Operation Thunderbolt.

I did not watch “Seven Days in Entebbe” and I don’t intend to. When the trailer came out my first reaction was excitement.  This story is one of the best, breathtaking, exciting, moving, against-all-odds, adventure stories I have ever heard and, best of all – it’s real.  And it’s OURS. …

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From the Desk of Dr Ron Weiser AM.

Summer in Israel. Hard to beat. The sun was shining, the weather was hot and the hotels and restaurants were full again. What a contrast from just a year ago and Operation Protective Edge. A personal highlight for myself was the visit to the museum on Moshav Avichail and to …

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