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A Trying Subject.

Israel Advocacy Update. Written by Emily Gian. Media and Advocacy Director, Zionist Federation of Australia.. In medieval England, a separate court was established with the purpose of providing redress for people in a fair and just manner. Over the years, this Court of Star Chamber evolved as a judicial body …

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‘Apology’ from the Red Rattler Theatre!!

The Apology.! We would like to apologise for the email that was sent to you by one of our staff members. The email was inappropriate and not the reflection of the values of the Community Board of the Red Rattler Theatre Inc. The Red Rattler Theatre Inc condemns racism of any kind. The …

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Antisemitism, Racism & Hypocrisy at the Red Rattler

The Red Rattler theatre may not call it racism, but what else would you call their refusal to lease the theatre to Hillel, a Jewish youth group. Antisemitism? I call it racism, hypocrisy, antisemitism and discrimination.  I suppose the RED part of the title should give us an indication as to …

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