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The BOOM I heard from Haifa.

It was Saturday morning.  I woke up to the sound of the Red Alert siren app ringing, announcing in-coming missiles somewhere in Israel. Where?  I knew it wasn’t in Haifa (yet) because the municipal siren wasn’t screaming outside but elsewhere in Israel, people were running to their bomb shelters. In …

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Sydney commemorates Haifa Day.

I suppose like me, not many people have heard of Haifa Day.   Before giving an account of that, one needs to know of the history of India and Jews, with a brief account of the afternoon. The Haifa Day commemoration I was privileged to attend on Sunday was organised …

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Boycott Guinness!

Western European countries are generally not favorable toward Israel and among those countries few are quite as hateful as Ireland.  The reason for this is because the Irish see a rough equivalence between the English occupation of their island and the Jewish occupation of Israel.  It’s nonsense, of course, but …

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