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Good News Weekend – Israel.

Another week has rushed by and it’s time for another Good News Weekend instalment.  This weekend we’re going for an international flavour. My first item simply highlights the incredible distance Israel has travelled in a mere 71 years, and demonstrates the strength of Israel’s diplomatic and military standing. This week …

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Arlene from Israel: Steadfast.

No other way for us to be:  Heads up, eyes on what matters, resolve undiminished. But oh, is it tough these days. ~~~~~~~~~~ I want to return to Obama’s talk of last week, to consider a couple of additional matters. He does not simply provide a position, he attacks. And …

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Arlene from Israel – Frenetic Pace

Where to begin in these days of turmoil, both at home and abroad? I think I’ll start at home, with the weather.  A major winter storm is due to start here within hours.  It is predicted that the north, Jerusalem, and high places in Judea and Samaria will see considerable …

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