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From Israel: Definitely Less Awful!

A great many things have to come together over the next couple of months before we can say definitively that the political situation in Israel is really good. But I now feel a modest optimism that eluded me when last I wrote. “Modest,” because we never know what’s waiting for …

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From Israel: “The Inevitable Is Upon Us”

As has undoubtedly been obvious to many of my readers, even though Israel is in the throes of an election campaign (or the first stage of a campaign), I have studiously avoided writing about it. There has been ample reason for this:  The process has been so convoluted that reporting …

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Into the Fray: Parade of the pretentious, the preposterous and the puerile

The current leadership seems totally incapable of recognizing the Palestinians for what they are, and what they declare themselves to be – an implacable enemy.   ‘What happened yesterday, when four senior ministers gave public addresses one after the other with each proposing a different political solution, was a grotesque …

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