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Political Cowards.

Part of the problem that we have is the generally pussitudinous nature of most well-meaning, western-leftists when it comes to their politics. That is, people will often hold strong opinions on political questions but are highly reluctant to discuss those opinions among people prepared in disagreement. Or, if they are willing …

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The Online Hate Prevention Institute.

The Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) is a high profile body, whose Managing Director is Dr. Andre Oboler, which exists to rid the internet of “online hate.” According to its website, its targets includes Racism, Antisemitism, Anti-Muslim, Hate Against Indigenous Australians, Violent Extremism, Holocaust Denial, Hate Against Military Veterans, Serious …

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Murdering Words

An article at New Matilda from an Australian academic on something he proceeds to prove to be very much outside his field. How often do you see that? In this case the something is freedom of speech. Also geopolitics and the notion of racism. As a consequence the professor has …

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