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Fred Maroun – One so blind who will not see.

I am a little disappointed that Fred Maroun responded so quickly and clearly borne out of offence that someone would have dared question him.  You would think someone, who tosses his ideas out for the world to see and is so interested at promoting peace, would have a thick skin …

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Open letter to Fred Maroun.

As writer of this letter I am not someone who makes it her life’s mission to bring others down.  In fact quite the opposite.  I look for positives wherever I can and try not to be critical. I have read with interest the different opinions on all sides of the …

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Promoting the “Palestinian” Fallacy

Palestinian lie

When Arab writers and pro-Israeli activists I respect, such as Fred Maroun, cry out that the Palestinians exist and we cannot say they do not, they are falling into the trap of promoting the lie. I deny the existence of a nation called Palestine, something that never existed in human …

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