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From Israel: “They Would Spit in Our Faces!!”

If we let them.  And so the ultimate question is where Israel stands. When I speak of “them,” I am referring to national and institutional entities that are anti-Zionist. Unfortunately, there are many. ~~~ A major concern for Israel is the readiness of the European Union (EU) to support and …

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Arlene from Israel – Without Recourse

It should be, even in our less than perfect world, that international courts were bastions of ethical judgment and impartiality.  OK, maybe that’s expecting too much.  Shall we say, just institutions that model some degree of ethical judgment and impartiality.  But even this is expecting too much in today’s climate …

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Arlene from Israel – Not a Crisis.

  Editor’s note: Once again and excellent piece from Arlene Kushner. ~~~~~~~~~~ Mahmoud Abbas would certainly like us to think it is a crisis.  He wants us cringing in fear.  But he’s going to be disappointed on this score: On Wednesday, Abbas made a show of filling out membership forms …

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