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Ukrainian Jews May Be in Danger

Written and submitted by Rachel Molschky – Cherson & Molschky  Blog site.   Choral synagogue in Kiev. The Ukraine’s Jewish population has been a target amid the political upheaval in the nation. A synagogue was hit with firebombs over the weekend, and there have been reports of anti-Semitic acts and …

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2000 year old Jobar synagogue plundered by Al-Qaeda rebels, blamed on “Zionist Commandos”

Please see an update of this item here: https://jewsdownunder.com/2014/05/30/jobars-syrias-oldest-synagogue-destroyed-assad/ The Zionist intelligence agency has succeeded in robbing various precious items from the synagogue located in Jobar neighborhood, north-east of the Syrian capital, Syria Truth website reported. The Zionist agents were assisted by the Jordanian Kingdom, Turkish militias, the so-called “Free …

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