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From Israel: Our Day of Miracles!!

We, the Jewish People, are a miracle.  That we were dispersed from our Land 2,000 years ago and then returned is a one-time happening that defies all historical precedents and all logical understanding. That the Land has flourished when farmed by Jews, in a way that it simply does not …

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From Israel: The Chutzpah and the Stupidity!!

The chutzpah (gall, insolence) belongs to many of the Arabs inside of Israel and beyond.  The stupidity can be attributed to those of our purported leaders who condone or tolerate that chutzpah. What prompts this description (in this instance) is what happened in recent days with regard to the Damascus …

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Arlene from Israel: “Facing Down Violence”

As has become my practice of late, I’m going to start with a good news item, saving the somber stuff for later.  Here we have a brief video that should put a smile on your face and a touch of hope in your heart: https://www.facebook.com/mirilavi/videos/10154126499312715/ ~~~~~~~~~~ We had better hold …

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