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Poverty Amongst Jews in Ukraine.

“Your visit gives me proof that there are still good people out there”, says 82-year-old Katia, when she opens the door of her creaky house. This Jewish lady lives a lonely life in the vast countryside of the Ukraine.“I prayed for your coming. Thank you for looking after me. I …

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The Jerusalem of Ukraine.

Journal of a special trip by Chief Rabbi Jacobs in Ukraine – Around midnight we arrive at our first destination in Ukraine, after a journey of more than five hours in a kind of driving washing machine, along roads full of deep potholes, in a van without normal suspension, but …

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Ukraine: The Last Survivors.

“After the Holocaust, from one family, a boy survived, from another family, a girl. They were my grandparents.” This was how Orly Wolstein from the Israeli integration programme, ‘First Home in the Homeland’ began her story during a speaking tour with Christians for Israel in South Germany. Orly was born …

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