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Christian Antisemitism: A Legacy that Lives On.

Since the mid-twentieth century, church teachings have moved in a decidedly “pro-Jewish” direction. Jews are no longer blamed for deicide, Jesus’s Jewishness is emphasized, and Christianity’s Jewish roots are increasingly explored.  Pope Francis has called antisemitism un-Christian and has urged followers to fight it.  He has also told Catholics to …

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Why do I call myself a Christian Zionist?

This is a very personal story written by Steve Blowers, a Christian Zionist who explains why he is a Zionist and how he became one. Written in reply to the question “Why are Christians Zionists ?”  which arose from the article  “Who is a Zionist”. The person who asked the …

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St. George was a Palestinian.

Once again the ‘invented people’ are claiming a person to be a ‘Palestinian’, this time St. George of all people? One has to wonder why the Arabs have such a desire to claim everyone as a Palestinian who comes from the fictitious State of Palestine.  Every Christmas we hear the …

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