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Biblical Violence versus Koranic Violence.

As the West gradually awakens to the rise of political Islam and the immigration crisis in Europe, the question of Koranic violence versus Biblical violence is sometimes referenced.   The reason for this is because of the confusion around the sources of the Jihadi aggression against the West.   Is …

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From Promised Land to Promised Home.

Summary: God is the original Zionist. Judaism is a unique religion in many respects: Every other religion is based primarily on faith. Judaism is based primarily on lineage. Every other religion is based on belief. Judaism is based on action. Every other religion is not geographically-bound. Judaism is tied to the …

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Arlene in Israel – Body and Soul

  Body and Soul Last night I went to the premiere showing, here in Jerusalem at the Begin Center, of a very special new film by Gloria Greenfield: “Body and Soul – the State of the Jewish Nation.” The showing was sponsored by Doc Emet Productions (Greenfield’s company), The Menachem …

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