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Arlene from Israel – Charade?

Once again, I choose to begin my posting with good news. Here you have a very short video from Jeremy Gimpel of Voice of Israel, speaking about the real reason that Israel sent rescue and medical teams to Nepal. I believe his words are absolutely on the mark. And I …

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Two Bedouin Sheikhs and the Begin Plan – video

Two Bedouin sheikhs reveal their support for the Begin Plan, Israel’s strategy to improve the welfare of the Negev Bedouin and resolve land issues in southern Israel. While Sheikh Awde A-Zanoon and Sheikh I’d Abu Rashed do not hesitate to criticize former Israeli policies toward the Bedouin, they also express …

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New Israel Fund “Stirring the Pot”

From Ma’ariv by Ben-Dror Yemini who is a senior journalist with the Hebrew only daily Ma’ariv. He lectures about the spread and impact of anti-Israel propaganda.   It has been posted as a request. There is no URL. I was told it was an op-ed in Ma’ariv so this  would …

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