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Fighting fire, under fire.

“The arson terror kites and balloons come in the afternoon and the evening, sometimes in the middle of the night.” That’s when the winds pick up, blowing from the sea, inland, carrying Hamas’s flying firebombs to the people of Israel. Israeli firefighter Tal Goldstein stood in the sweltering heat, telling …

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Into the Fray: The forgotten fire?

Last week’s fires did little to illuminate much of the unknown still shrouding another conflagration that flared up, almost a year and a half ago.  I feel a sense of shame, and even more, a sense of pain…at the murder of a small baby. Pain that from my people, there …

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Arlene from Israel: After the Flames Die Down.

Today I will focus on just one subject.  For the fires that have raged here in Israel during the last several days have surely been uppermost in everyone’s mind.   It began on Tuesday with a major fire in Zichron Yaakov, a community near the Mediterranean, on the south edge …

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