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Palestine – Obama Confronts Embarrassing About Face.

The Republican Party’s stunning victory in the American mid-term elections offers real hope that President Obama will now be held to honouring the written commitments made to Israel by President George W Bush in his exchange of letters with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on 12 April 2004 – as …

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“Remembering Ariel Sharon from afar”

ZFA Israel Advocacy Update Weekly Israel Advocacy Update.  Written by Gabrielle ‘Gabsy’ Debinski. Media and Advocacy Director, Zionist Federation of Australia..16 January 2014 The death of Ariel Sharon z”l marked the end of an era. The former Prime Minister was perhaps the last founding father of the state. His history is finely …

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News & Views from ‘Arlene in Israel’

January 12, 2014: A Rapidly Shifting World As most of you undoubtedly know, Ariel (Arik) Sharon, 85, former prime minister of Israel, passed away yesterday, after eight years in a comatose state following a stroke.                                                                                         In some quarters, the news is filled with laudatory articles about him.  For in his …

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