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Apartheid Israel?

Here is a typical scene you will see everywhere in mixed Jewish-Arab areas of Israel. Because of the poisonous anti-Israel propaganda that permeates the Western narrative, visitors to Israel are often surprised by such scenes. Remember this when some leftist idiot starts talking about Israeli ‘apartheid’. Also remember where the …

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Hamas applauds a cold blooded killer.

On Wednesday November 13th Hamas applauded the cold-blooded murder of a 19-year old IDF soldier Eden Atias, from Nazareth Illit. “Hamas welcomes the soldier stabbing in Afula. This is a natural response to the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people and proof of the failure of political negotiations.” …

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Arabs ‘Down Under’

Here in Australia, we aren’t the only people ‘down under’ in the world, as the name of this site suggests. In Gaza ‘down under’, the Gazan Arabs are working hard like little ants scurry and tunnelling every which way in their daily lives.  Maybe they think they are moles or …

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