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Mothers of Terrorists– Mothers We Love to Hate

mothers of terrorists

Mothers of terrorists shock us, if we are still able to be shocked.  A translation of the words of the mother of the terrorist who stabbed Hallel Yaffa Ariel on June 30th has been making the rounds on the social media and regular news outlets.  She comes out in support of …

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Arlene from Israel: THIS MUST GO VIRAL.

Dear friends, I did not intend to post today, but – as has happened before – I realized that I must. Yesterday, I wrote about Sheikh Mohammad Abu Rajab, who, during a sermon in the Al Abrar Mosque in Rafah, Gaza, demonstrated the way to stab a Jew.  I knew …

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Arlene from Israel: Boy, This Is Tough!

Boy, This Is Tough! I have promised myself that I will attempt to stay cool as I research and report on world events. Not unsurprisingly, agitation takes a real toll on me. Have been doing great, but then I read what Kerry said yesterday in Valpariso, Chile, where he was …

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Arab Terrorists Attack Jewish Kindergarten in Jerusalem.

Writing in Arutz Sheva, Ari Yashar tells us: On Wednesday morning a gang of Arab terrorists descended upon the Jewish neighborhood’s kindergarten, firing potentially lethal fireworks and hurling rocks at the institution. The description of the video, which shows three security personnel eventually chasing off the rioters after a long …

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Arlene in Israel – Counting Down

We are almost to that day [March 29th, late at night] when either the final batch of pre-Oslo Arab prisoners will be released, or our government will announce that they are not being released… There is a reasonable chance that the latter situation will prevail.  And, in any event, as …

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