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Turks Blame Coal Mine Disaster on Jews.

It’s the Jews again! Jews control the world, and all the government corruption in Muslim countries and even natural disasters are planned by that incredibly powerful 0.2% of the population! The latest feat? The coal mine disaster in Turkey which killed over 100 people. Somehow, Jews are responsible according to …

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The US Cuts Aid to Egypt

The tidbit below was written by Michael Wilner and published at the Jerusalem Post. WASHINGTON – The US has decided to alter its military aid to Egypt, the State Department said on Wednesday, after Sunday’s clashes in the Arab world’s most populous nation resulted in the deaths of 57 people. …

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The Noose Has Loosened

The failure of the Muslim Brotherhood to maintain power in Egypt, despite backing from United States President Barack Obama, may have averted disaster. The so-called “Arab Spring,” which brought the Brotherhood into power in Egypt, is the rise of the movement for Sharia – which is the movement for Muslim …

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