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UNRWA in no way embodies our Canadian values.

Earlier in October, Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer announced that a Conservative government would decrease foreign aid spending by 25 percent, asserting that Canadian foreign aid should only be used to “support the Canadian values we hold dear,” rather than to support “antisemitic organizations and prop up foreign dictatorships.” Included …

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Antisemitism Is Harder to Recognize Than Racism.

fighting antisemitism

America’s “call-out” culture has seemingly had a very easy time identifying racism, but a much more difficult time seeing antisemitism. Consider a new potential cast member for Saturday Night Light, Shane Gillis, who was found to have made off-color comments in the past. He was terminated this week before his …

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Understanding Zionism.

Maligned, misunderstood, and derided, provocative, emotive and polarizing.  Often condemned, just the mention of the word Zionism is enough to raise the blood pressure of many. This often results in both pro and anti-Israel activists engaging in a battle of words. Frighteningly, this battlefield has expanded way beyond the Social …

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My thoughts on antisemitism.

Writing this came about as a suggestion from a friend after I experienced the first ‘live’ antisemitic comment directed to me personally.  That I will explain later.  She was more than very surprised that this had not happened to me previously, how I’d got so far in life without experiencing …

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The insane lunacy of the anti Zionist Left.

In their zeal to avoid accepting any kind of Zionism ever, anywhere, any time or any place, the anti-Zionists (yeah, lets call them antisemites for short) are turning themselves inside out and devouring their own in their desperate attempt to not only deny any legitimacy to Zionism, but to avoid …

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