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Richard Spencer: White nationalist.

On Saturday, 12th August in Charlottesville Virginia, a group of people descended on the city to demonstrate and stop the city’s officials from removing the monument of Robert E. Lee, a confederate soldier.  Spotted within their ranks were KKK members, white nationalists or whatever that means, neo Nazis, antisemites. etc.  …

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Daqamseh’s Mother And Widespread Hate

Daqamseh's mother

Moroccan writer and intellectual, Al-Saleh Bu-Walid, gives reason to hope that sanity may one day come to reign in our unstable and hate-filled part of the world in spite of the likes of Daqamseh’s mother. He was participating in a studio discussion on  a TV programme hosted by Al Jazeera …

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The Jewish circus clowns and the antisemites.

fighting antisemitism

Conspiracy theories have been attached to Jews throughout history. 2000 years ago, as the blood was being washed from Pilate’s hands, the Jews were blamed for successfully conspiring to kill the Christian god. Jews went on to be carriers of plague, they used the blood of children to make unleavened …

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My weekend with the antisemites (and 2 Zionists) at Exeter.

I have just returned from Exeter, where the university held a 3-day conference discussing ‘Settler Colonialism in Palestine’. Far smaller and less organised than the conference that the University of Southampton cancelled, this collection of anti-Zionists ranged from well- known ‘academics’ from the US, Beirut and Australia to several ‘wannabees’ …

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Antisemites? Anti-Zionists? Who US?

Prof. Anne Bayefsky condemns UN & Global Antisemitism @ THE UN, Sept 8, 2014. Professor Anne Bayefsky declared from the belly of the beast: “The United Nations is the leading global purveyor of AntiSemitism; it has launched a legal pogrom against the Jewish state as it singles out Israel disproportionally …

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