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The far Right and the ‘White Replacement’ myth.

An ominous trend imagines a global Jewish plot to ‘import’ non-Europeans in order to destroy European culture. Little more than a year ago, far-right activists in Australia could reasonably accurately be divided into three ideological groupings: civic patriots, nationalists and racialists. Whatever they might be said to have in common, …

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Contemporary Sources of Antisemitic Incidents.

There is much debate over who poses the greatest threat to Jews in the 21st century.  Some point to the Far Right, others to the Islamists, and some to the far Left.  Often, it is ideological or political considerations that determine where the pointing is directed towards, rather than looking …

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Antipodean Resistance: Australia’s new Nazis.

Seventy years after the crushing defeat of Nazi Germany, Nazi ideas and groups are re-emerging throughout the West. Although Nazism remains on the political fringes, adherents are increasingly active and emboldened in propagating the antisemitism, white supremacy, racist hate, and homophobia that are intrinsic to Nazi ideology. In Australia, a …

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