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From Israel – Live: An American Tragedy

Perhaps I should title this “An UnAmerican Tragedy,” for this is what it really is. Had someone described to me, just months ago, what is going on now in the US, I would have scoffed and said it was unreal, impossible.  But it is possible: we are seeing it unfold …

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Richard Spencer: White nationalist.

On Saturday, 12th August in Charlottesville Virginia, a group of people descended on the city to demonstrate and stop the city’s officials from removing the monument of Robert E. Lee, a confederate soldier.  Spotted within their ranks were KKK members, white nationalists or whatever that means, neo Nazis, antisemites. etc.  …

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Thoughtless Bandwagons of Hatred.

I have yet to speak out against Donald Trump.  One reason for this is that I do not so easily leap aboard thoughtless Bandwagons of Hatred.If the anti-Trumpeteers had not done such a terrific job of projecting their toxic racialized bullshit – and thereby throwing the United States into the …

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