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Offensive Cartoons

There’s been much media coverage about cartoons which are apparently so offensive that people feel compelled to kill the cartoonist or even those who publish or promote such cartoons. It is therefore instructive to reflect on how Jews react to cartoons they find offensive. I will just select a few …

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#illridewithyou Hashtag Hypocrisy.

Hashtag Hypocrisy. In October last year, a gang assaulted 5 Jewish people as they were walking home from a Shabbat dinner.  Not only were some of the victims injured, but the trauma of the event would have made them very wary of venturing out at night again. In August this …

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Are the Greens past their “Use By” date?

What’s the Greens problem? We know the Greens have issues. In fact the Greens have issues with anything and everything there is to have issues with. This article I came across whilst searching its origins, really has to be read: The far-left history of the Australian Greens The Australian Green …

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