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From Israel: The Stuff of Nightmares!!

I watch what is going on in the US and I see the outlines of a nightmare, unimaginable only a year ago. The drama is unfolding in urban streets, as America is torn apart by violence and hatred. There are many areas where putative political “authorities,” such as they exist, …

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Arlene from Israel: Unsettled.

“Unsettled” is probably a major understatement with regard to what’s going on, here and in the US.  Doesn’t mean all bad.  Not at all – it’s a mix with a great deal that is exceedingly promising. But before I address that mix, just one great news item: “The United Nation’s …

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Red-flagging November 8th.

Voting for Israel – a rough guide Like most of us, I guess, Five Minutes for Israel has been obsessing about the upcoming American Presidential election. I concede, something that partisans on both sides seem to find impossible, that there are genuine Israel advocates and it-is-politically-convenient-for-me-to-appear-to-support-Israel advocates on both sides. There …

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