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Rising star of the Left – Melissa Parke.

Melissa Parke is an Australian politician. She has been the ALP member of the Australian House of Representatives, for Fremantle, Western Australia, since 2007 . Two days ago, on October 27th, Max Chalmers of the good old ultra leftist rag “the new matilda” wrote: Melissa Parke breaks Labor ranks to …

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Australia reverses Israel vote at the UN

Tzipi Livni

Finally Australia is ‘back on track’ in regards to supporting Israel. On the resolution dealing with the non-recognition of Israel’s claims over Jerusalem, until 2004  Australia voted for this resolution. From 2004 to 2011 Australia abstained. In 2011 and 2012 Australia reverted to voting for this resolution. This year Australia …

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ALP ‘Friends of Israel’?

For decades one of the reflex compliments paid by the Australian Jews to almost any ALP politician has been “friend of Israel”. Encouraged by the emphatic enthusiasm for the Jewish State expressed a few decades ago by Bob Hawke, the pro-Israel Labor mantra continued almost unperturbed by “occasional” unpleasant realities on the …

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The Jewish and Palestinian votes in our election

The Australian Palestinian Lobby are gathering the troops in their attempt to further influence our politicians, mainly the ALP, The Greens and  GetUp to follow the party line, which is the Palestinian party line. A questionnaire has been prepared by the Palestinian Lobby for their constituents and followers to send …

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