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For the sake of my people.

I am a child of the Diaspora, the son of Holocaust survivors.  I grew up in the sheltered Jewish community of Sydney Australia.  As a teen and during my student years in Australia I was active in the Jewish community, Jewish youth movements and Jewish and general student politics. The …

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The dead tell no tales… or do they?

The saying goes: “The dead tell no tales” but that’s not exactly true. The dead speak to us from beyond the grave but they do so in silent symbols that we, those who are full of life and sometimes full of arrogance, can choose to ignore. Haifa’s cemetery is full. …

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La France vous êtes malade.

This account of the events in Paris, France and the abominable treatment dished out to Prime Minister Netanyahu, was on my Facebook wall last night from Caroline Glick. With many thanks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prime Minister Netanyahu earned his keep in Paris yesterday. According to an incredibly hostile report last night by Channel …

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