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From Israel: We Are Not Total Idiots!!

“We”? I am speaking of Jews:  The Jews here in Israel, certainly.  And some percentage of American Jews. I’ve been tracking the growing antisemitism in the US – including in the halls of Congress — with alarm and anger.  But, focused on events here, I have not written about it …

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From Israel: Eyes Ahead and Moving Past It!

I am, clearly, not happy about the Democratic win in the House. But I do not see this as indicative of a “blue wave” that signals a crisis for the Republicans now or for Trump in 2020. Traditionally, the party that does not control the White House gains seats in …

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The Democratic Party and Jews.

The Democratic Party is sabotaging its Jewish constituency and, thereby, in some measure, punching itself in the face. It has put American Jews — who are traditionally among the most loyal Democrats  — into the position of having to choose between a political party and our own families… our own …

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