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What Is Al Jazeera Saying About Im Tirtzu?

Al Jazeera has recently taken aim at Im Tirtzu and published a feature article on our “Know Your Professor” website, which exposed dozens of radical Israeli academics who are engaged in promoting boycotts and defaming Israel. Im Tirtzu says “It seems that the propaganda arm of Qatar is not so …

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Arlene from Israel – Threats, Lies and Politics.

The situation surrounding the negotiations with Iran and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress daily grows more ominous, more convoluted, and more contentious. I would like to begin with the latest “scoop” – which is supposed to put the lie to Bibi’s charge in 2012 in the UN (complete with …

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Westerners Who Shill For Terror States.

With all the outpouring of support for jailed Aussie journalist Peter Greste, we tend to have lost sight of the reality, especially when the media laud him as a martyr for press freedom.  Consider this editorial in The Age: Gathering the news without fear or favour. It has now been …

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