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The Arguments over Jerusalem.

Summary: In considering the arguments that Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews each make for Jerusalem as their capital, only one party makes a truly compelling case. Jerusalem has long been considered the thorniest issue in the Israeli-Palestinians Question. In 1947, when the United Nations put forward a plan to partition the …

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Arlene in Israel – A Mixed Bag

    I start today with the link to the Dry Bones Blog of Yaakov Kirschen.  Most of you are probably familiar with Kirschen’s absolutely on-the-mark political commentary by way of cartoon.   Kirschen is convinced – and rightly so – that cartooning is a powerful way to reach out …

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Muslim Finds Islam, Not Israel, Ruining Temple Mount

Writing for the Gatestone Institute, Palestinian academic Mudar Zahran discovers that it is local Islamic authorities, and not Israel, who are threatening the future of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. In a recent visit to Jerusalem, where I visited and prayed at Al-Aqsa, it occurred to me that perhaps we, the Arabs …

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