The Unabashed Zionist.

Remember Professor Andrew Pessin? Anyone who follows the Long Arab War against the Jews of the Middle East knows about the harassment of vocal pro-Israel professors on western university campuses, including in the United States. As I wrote in a piece last summer: Professor Andew Pessin is a Professor of Philosophy at …

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An Open Letter to a Jewish Friend in England

I don’t know, Kate. Sometimes it just seems pointless. Sorry to be downbeat, but I feel like I am glaring into a howling thunderstorm. In California we could use the weather, but I worry about my friends elsewhere. You may be aware that the Washington Post just published an infographic …

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Coming Home/Missing Home: Toronto and Israel

coming home

My body is sitting in Starbucks at Christie and Dupont, freezing somewhat because they keep the heat low; I suppose that’s to try to prevent people like me from parking here for hours on end, but people like me just sit rubbing their hands together when they’re not typing, put …

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On The Having of Cake (and the eating of it, too.)

The Times of Israel tells us that: “The Palestinian leadership on Wednesday demanded the Greek government act after two Arab passengers were expelled from an Israel-bound flight, saying the decision to remove the pair was “reminiscent” of apartheid. Two Arab passengers with Israeli documents were forced off an Aegean Airlines …

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I Have Been Radicalized!

I confess. I have been radicalized! I am a radicalized westerner. I am a staunch supporter of the morals, values and ethics that underpin my country Canada: ethical monotheism-the Judaeo/Christian ethic that tells us we are all intrinsically equal and must care for the other.  I am so radicalized that …

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Time Is On Our Side.

T’is the season for end-of-year summations, tra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. The newspapers are full of articles covering a range of topics ranging from politics through the economy to the Footy. So why should the ZFA be an exception? Thus in this – the final update during the year of their lord 2015 …

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Into the Fray: Folly at the Forum.

It is perhaps possible to imagine proclamations more moronic than some made at the recent Saban Forum – but that definitely would not be easy. There are no easy answers, but we can’t stop trying to find solutions that move us closer to peace… [T]hat is why President Obama has …

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Islamic Jihadist attacks: How Deadly?

Is there any objective way to know how significant Islamic Jihadist attacks against innocent people really are? The answer is: very significant indeed. Most of the world’s deadliest terrorist attacks have been carried out by Islamic Jihadists explicitly murdering people for religious reasons. Although this conclusion may seem self-evident to …

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Deliverance – Islam NOT Islamism.

terror and islam

Guest Post first posted at Israel Diaries “When I was invited to write this, my immediate concern was how honest is too honest and how clear is too much clarity. Honest and clear are good, but neither promises delight. So I am a little bit sorry in advance if this …

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Good Luck with Your Syrian Refugees, USA & Canada

Syrian Refugee Camp

I wish Americans and Canadians luck with the Syrian refugees they anticipate admitting into their midst in unprecedented numbers at an unprecedented pace. I have nothing against helping desperate people, in fact, I am all in favour, but I find this sudden outpouring of “compassion” hypocritical and worrisome. Why Hypocritical? …

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