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The origins of genocide lie in permissive bias and discrimination.

There is much to find objectionable in Senator Fraser Anning’s first speech to the Australian Senate. The baffling, deplorable invocation of Nazi genocide by referring to immigration as a “problem” requiring a “final solution”, is particularly striking.  But we mustn’t allow this conspicuous statement to prevent us from seeing the real …

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TVNZ admits inaccuracy in reporting on Gaza riots.

New Zealand’s state-owned television network, TVNZ –  TV New Zealand reported on the Gaza riots in no fewer than three bulletins during their One News show in June.  Following a complaint, TVNZ has admitted that they were inaccurate when reporting the number of casualties as “hundreds of people have been …

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Kiwi Commentators Reveal Holocaust Ignorance.

Amongst the recent legitimate outcry about the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents on the southern border of the United States, many commentators around the world have been quick to raise analogies with the treatment of Jews by the Nazis. In New Zealand, cartoonists and columnists made …

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