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The Dissertation of Mahmoud Abbas.

Mahmoud Abbas completed his PhD dissertation for Lumumba University in Moscow in 1982. For years I have been reading that this piece of writing – which to the right is the original cover – entitled “The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism” was one in which he …

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ISIS and Acid Baths.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is the single most grotesquely violent political movement since the Khmer Rouge. In a recent Associated Press piece published on the FOX News website we learn that: BAGHDAD –  In March, a senior commander with the Islamic State group was driving through …

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Fida’i – When A Nation Is ‘Revenge’

Fida'i - the Palestinian anthem

The Arabs who now call themselves Palestinians have a national anthem. Actually, their current anthem is supposedly their second. The lyrics of the first were written in 1934 by Ibrahim Tuqan and expressed opposition to the British presence in the Ottoman Empire. Named “Mawtini”, meaning “Homeland”, it talks about gaining …

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Into the Fray: Gaza: A port is no panacea for poverty

Gaza from the sea. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.– Attributed to Albert Einstein Just when you thought that you could not possibly hear anything more preposterous on how to help resolve the conflict with the Palestinians, somehow someone …

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Where does the ‘State of Palestine’ get its money from?

So where does ‘Palestine’ get its money from?  A good question which came to mind a while back. Constantly on the pro-‘Palestinian’ sites and Facebook pages one hears comments about the United States of America running Israel, giving money to Israel, Israel being America’s lap dog etc., etc.  They clearly …

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The alchemy of Palestinian nationhood

“Alchemy: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation” (The Oxford Dictionary). “I do not think there is a Palestinian nation at all. I think there is an Arab nation. I think it’s a colonialist invention — a Palestinian nation. When were there any Palestinians? Where did they come from? I …

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Root causes and red herrings

settler-colonial country

More than two years before any Israeli presence in what are now the “occupied territories,” Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser issued a public message: “We shall not enter Palestine with its soil covered in sand, we shall enter it with its soil saturated in blood” (March 8, 1965). This chilling …

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A surprise from Kuwait.

On March 27th, doing a crawl through the pro-Palestinian leftist Facebook ‘Israel hate sites’, I came upon a video from the Kuwait Times, regarding the shooting of an Arab by a member of the IDF. I was angry after having posted and argued earlier elsewhere that I thought a person …

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Two Sides: Lost me at “Occupation”, Then It Got Worse

two sides to co-existence

Curious about a Facebook link to a post by Ikhlas Ishtaya on the website “Two Sides”, promoting co-existence workshops, I began to read. Her story looked interesting and I was sure I would be moved; after all, they subtitled her piece: “An honest look which goes straight to the heart”. …

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(Not) Suppressing Academic Freedom in the Palestinian Authority

academic freedom

  Fighting the lies of academic BDS is serious business, but I found out you can sometimes have fun with it. Pro-BDSers repeatedly write about how the security problems in “Palestine” caused by Israeli “oppression” impinge upon academic freedom at their institutes. I decided to explore how these same institutes …

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A headline by any other name…

anti-Israel media bias in Israeli newspaper

A headline by any other name… “ISRAEL/PALESTINE PEACE DEAL SIGNED” Those words would certainly look great sitting together in the news headlines. There may even be journalists out there who want to believe them and wish to tell happy stories about a real peace deal, but we know all too …

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How the Jews are Winning the Long Arab War .

The long Arab-Muslim war against the Jewish people goes on and on… but the Jews are winning. We need to acknowledge that the conflict is an ongoing expression of Arab-Muslim religious hatred toward Jews as manifested since the time of Muhammad and embedded within the Koran and the Hadiths. Further, …

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Oslo II: What Did Peres and Abbas Expect?

Oslo II - Peres, Abbas

This is my summary and critique of an article published in 1996 (citation below). I bring this now because we can see that even at that early stage points were being drawn in the sand in what has become a trajectory of failure. The article outlines the “peace process” clearly …

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Arabs in Jerusalem.

Listening to the United Nations, one might fear that Palestinian Arabs are being “ethnically cleansed” in Jerusalem due to Israeli “occupation.” Here are some facts (statistics as of 2011 as compiled by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies). Fastest Growing Group in Jerusalem and Most of the Middle East The …

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Islamist Terrorist Cult Recruitment

terrorist cult recruitment

Theories of cult induction may best explain much of what we are seeing today in terrorist groups, better than theories regarding marginalization and poverty. Understanding Islamist terrorist cult recruitment and induction can provide us with tools for helping young people resist the charms of the cult leader. First, let us …

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Tripped up by celebration of murder.

PALESTINIAN Minister for Education Dr Sabri Saidam recently criticised a senior Australian delegation for posing “very ­explosive and very challenging” questions during a meeting in the West Bank. The Australian team included senior Liberals Christopher Pyne and Bronwyn Bishop, Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson and Labor’s Tim Watts and Glenn …

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Youth Who Resist Joining Terror Organizations

joining terror organizations

Most researchers studying terrorist recruitment ask how they entice members who are willing to commit horrendous violent crimes in the name of Islam. Political scientist Kim Cragin and colleagues at Rand approach the topic from the opposite perspective – what are the conditions in which youth actually reject recruitment? Of …

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Terror and Islam are Not Connected! Really?

terror and islam

Why should Obama and Clinton think terror and Islam are related when so many academicians pontificate about how suicide bombings have nothing to do with the religion? Why should they think terror is related to Islam when those analysts who do connect the two are scorned and condemned for it? …

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Death cults posing as governing bodies

A Guest Post by Jodie Goldberg The hierarchy of Islamic extremism begins at the top and works its way down. Iran, ISIS, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations all have one thing in common. They are death cults posing as governing bodies. For at least 15 years …

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Into the Fray: A challenge to a French philosopher .

“Bernard- Henri Lévy is precisely the kind of target that Israeli public diplomacy efforts should be focused on – far more so than any incumbent politician, especially outside the USA.” You fight against jihad, yes. But do you have to add to the fight against jihad the fight with the …

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