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Recycled road rage.

More Fauxtography This is how minor accidents are recycled into anti Israel propaganda. Decide for yourself whether this is lazy journalism or straight out deception. Take a quick look at this photograph. I have emphasised the medic in Magen David Adom (Israel’s Red Cross) uniform and the Israeli license and …

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Much Ado About Mudar Zahran

Mudar Zahran

This is Part II of a three-part series on the Jordan Is Palestine Conference that took place on 17 October 2017 and reports on things Mudar Zahran said at the conference and later, in telephone interviews with me. Mudar was at the heart of much controversy in the weeks leading …

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Hamas Rejoins Iran’s Terrorist Axis.

Hamas is deepening its ties with Iran and its radical Shi’ite axis. Iranian cash is once again expected to fund Gaza’s war preparations and arms build-up program. Before the 2011 outbreak of the war in Syria, Sunni Hamas and Shi’ite Iran were united by their goal to destroy Israel. Iran …

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Ireland: Don’t do it.

Virtue signalling is NOT a good reason for Ireland, or anyone else, to recognise the Palestinian State. This post is a response to Symbolic step of Ireland recognising Palestine would mean so much by T.P. O’Mahony in the Irish Examiner on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017. Ireland should not recognise a Palestinian …

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I Will Not Join An Arab-Jewish Peace Organization (Yet)

I do not see the point of joining any “peace” organization that includes Israelis and “Palestinian” Arabs before we see such a group rise up from within the “Palestinian” Arab population itself and not because some Jews reached out to them and offered them an olive branch on bended knees. …

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From Israel: Mercurial.

It’s a given that the political scene is rarely static.  But the present – both here and in the US – seems particularly fraught with shifts and unpredictability.  The trick is to identify what’s real and what currents flow unseen beneath the surface. Today I want to take a look …

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Interview With A Female Entrepreneur In Hebron’s Casbah

Partner in Women in Hebron organization

If someone tells you that economic desperation and “occupation” lead to Palestinian terrorism, then tell them about Laila and her sister, Nawal. Their story, and other similar stories from around the world, show that resourceful people find ways to better their lives and suggest that you look elsewhere for your …

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Into the Fray: : Gaza: Let their people go!

Instead of pouring millions into inoperative desalination plants & rusting sewage treatment works, humanitarian aid should be generous relocation grants to help Gazans find safer, more secure lives elsewhere “If the borders opened for one hour, 100,000 young people would leave Gaza”  –  Rashid al-Najja, vice dean, Gaza’s Al-Azhar University; …

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Into the Fray: Middle East Meltdown.

With the Middle East on the cusp of melt-down, imagine what Isaiah (5:20) would say of proponents of ‘regional integration’: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness…”  Worst Chemical Attack in Years; US blames Assad  – New York …

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No Room at Banksy’s Inn.

Bethlehem is holy to Christians, as it was in a manger in this city that a baby boy was born, after his parents were turned away from the inn because there was no room for them. So naturally a new hotel in Bethlehem assumes a special significance, reminding us of …

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Flood Libel And Propaganda Tours In Hebron

floods in Hebron

Flooding causes hardship.  In this day and age, there is no reason that a shop owner should lose his or her products because of winter rains that can come down suddenly and hard.  But Hebron’s Arab residents say that the evil Israeli occupation causes the floods because Israel delights in …

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The Great Wall of Saudi Arabia.

Where is the hue and cry against the news that  Saudi Arabia has built a 600-Mile (965 klms) ‘Great Wall’ to Shield Itself From ISIS?  Not a peep. Where are the Greens, where are these do-gooders and ‘Palestinian’ supporters ? Israel built a barrier to separate Herself from murderers, Jihadists …

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