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Palestine: Failing the test of history.

After a quarter –century, all the Palestinians have managed to establish is a corrupt kleptocracy under Fatah & a tyrannical theocracy under Hamas. Merit is no qualification for freedom…. Freedom is enjoyed when you are so well armed, or so turbulent, or inhabit a country so thorny that the expense …

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Into the Fray: Gaza – A “simple” solution.

Denying—or delaying—the inevitable does not make it any less inevitable, only more costly  To remain at peace when you should be going to war may be often very dangerous….Let us attack and subdue…that we may ourselves live safely for the future. – Thucydides (c. 460–395 BCE) No government, if it …

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Into the Fray: Syria-Reaping the storm Obama sowed.

If surrendering US primacy in the region to Russia was the result of US passivity and inaction, the intrusion of Iran into Syria can very definitely be attributed to ill-conceived, active American policy.  So rather than offer false promises…we have to take a long view of the terrorist threat, and …

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“Poor Palestinians”

“Poor Palestinians”.  Yes, some Arab Palestinians and Gazans are poor, but many are mega wealthy. In 2012 the estimated the number of ‘Gaza millionaires’ was said to be 800.  As of July 2014 there were some 1,700.  See ‘Luxury in the world’s largest prison !‘ Front Page Magazine says:  Fatah, …

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Palestinians: A People Invented .

“The history of the Palestinian people goes back as far as”… This is where Arab “historians” disagree. Some say the “Palestinian people” have a proud 4000-year history; others say 10,000 years, 30,000 years, and even –don’t laugh- 200,000 years, which makes the Neanderthals pretty young people compared to the “mysterious …

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Jerusalem Issue Sends Abbas Into Madness.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is having a tough time grappling with reality in recent weeks. Ever since President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last month, Abbas continues to lash out and reveal his true colors. In a series of public statements since Trump’s Jerusalem announcement, Abbas has propagated …

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What concentration camps, Mr.Horgan?

Fault-finders of Edward Horgan‘s ‘Standing up for Palestine’ in this week’s Ireland’s Sunday Independent newspaper (print, digital online) and Irish Examiner’s reader’s blog with slight changes in all three expect to be hit by the standard ‘Criticism of Israel isn’t antisemitism’ cliché. Well here’s a message.  Lies aren’t criticism. Here’s …

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Jews And Palestinian Arabs Making Friends For Peace

making friends for peace

Grassroots organizations and many well-meaning individuals tell us that regular people, Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs, have to dialogue with each other in order to break through the walls of hate and make bridges that can lead to peace. . . that we regular people can do what our own …

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Mudar Zahran: Promising Jews A Garden Of Eden

Mudar Zahran

A Jordanian comes along and tells Israelis that Jordan is Palestine and that all our problems will be solved when the whole world recognizes that fact. Everyone will finally get off Israel’s back, bringing to life the Garden of Eden in the New Middle East. The “only” problem is that …

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