Antisemitism at its finest!

I came across this article I wrote just on four years ago, which was ‘inspired’ by an antisemitic post on the website. I thought it was worthwhile posting again. I thought I’d share this tasty tit-bit of antisemitism with everyone, which I received last week. I suppose it’s part and …

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Anti-Zionism is the new Antisemitism.

This is what branding looks like: You have a product to sell. You must convince the market to buy. The problem is that the product is old. It’s been seen before and has been rejected by many as faulty. The average person will not buy the product, as is. What …

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‘Lorde takes a bow to the bullies’

Lorde has announced that she has decided to cancel her show in Tel Aviv, Israel, after predictable calls for her to do so. She was told that to perform there would be to “break the boycott”. A boycott that is imposed by a fanatical fringe who try to bully everyone …

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Settler-Colonial Israel Is A Shitty Country

settler-colonial country

And here is proof from our very own Hebrew University of Jerusalem! Two faculty members at Hebrew U. got together to write an article about how Israel commits child abuse toward the Palestinian Arab children living under what they call the “settler-colonial regime”. This article is nothing more than a …

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Jews Are From Mars . . . Or Perhaps From Ross 128


Well, not really Ross 128 itself, because Ross 128 is a star. Like our own sun, it is a star that has a planet near it that looks habitable. Astronomers have not yet named Ross 128’s nearby, possibly-habitable-planet. But since Mars does not seem to be able to sustain human …

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Jews: Colonized Or Colonizers?

page of thesaurus with words related to colonized

This is about antisemitism and mind games and colonizers and the colonized. The inspiration leading to my reflections here was found in a relatively recent article published in the prestigious British Journal of Criminology. The authors of this article are relentless in their vilification of Israel. I will soon provide …

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On sliding doors.

I remember the day when, as a child, I walked into an elevator with my sister and parents, and as the doors were closing, my sister decided to test out whether the doors would open up if she stuck her arm through them.  They didn’t.  There was a moment of panic …

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The United States got a chance to view a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.  Most of the country only saw a partial eclipse, with a narrow band of the country from South Carolina to Oregon witnessed the solar eclipse in its totality. The Solar Eclipse  The “totality” was a …

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Worldwide antisemitism rivals pre-WWII.

Many of us in the Jewish diaspora have been watching as antisemitism rises to new levels of vitriol. This isn’t quiet antisemitism. This is loud and proud ”Kill the Jews, eliminate Israel.” And now from a respected American as reported in Truth Revolt “Retired United States Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson and …

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Reemed in Oakland, California.

“You’re lucky that you are in that wheelchair, motherfucker!” That is what a young, six-foot-plus, twenty-something supporter of Rasmea Odeh and Reem Assil of Reem’s antisemitic restaurant in Oakland shouted at Robin Durbin at the recent pro-Israel / pro-Jewish rally put together by Faith Meltzer, Matthew Finkelstein, and Uncle Bernie supporter, Susan …

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British Museum Promotes Antisemitism.

fighting antisemitism

“Hey Average Joe, did you see this map? “Look where Israel ought to be it says Palestine. And it says it was called Palestine 4000 years ago! It’s as if the Jews never lived there.  Can that be right?” “Well gee,” replied Average Joe, “It must be right.  After all …

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Civilisation, Shavuot and antisemitism.

When people think of great ancient civilisations, they often think of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, India, China, Greece and Rome.  Many of these civilisations developed along a great river – the Nile, Tigris/Euphrates, Yangtze, and Indus – or in lush mountains.  Great monuments were built and left behind – the …

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