The Mourabitat Women of Congress.

In 2012, the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel (now banned) created a group called the Murabitat which were tasked with harassing Jews that visited the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  It received funding from Hamas, the terrorist group that has the majority of seats in the Palestinian …

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A Jew Unfriendly University.

The academic boycott of Israel by the University of Cape Town is closer than it has ever been. The current status is that the boycott has been passed by the students and by the Senate and now will go to Council on March 30th for a final vote. Whereas a …

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For the sake of my people.

I am a child of the Diaspora, the son of Holocaust survivors.  I grew up in the sheltered Jewish community of Sydney Australia.  As a teen and during my student years in Australia I was active in the Jewish community, Jewish youth movements and Jewish and general student politics. The …

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Poisonous Antisemitism.

Israel is not immune to scrutiny or criticism, nor should it be. However, disturbing and increasing signs of a new and virulent strain of antisemitism have surfaced, disguised as anti-Zionism. When politicians like Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar so casually throw around antisemitic tropes reminiscent of much darker times in Jewish history, …

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Spelling and meaning of antisemitism and/or antisemitic.

fighting antisemitism

The incorrect spelling of both antisemitism and antisemitic is a pet hate of mine, as the correct spelling actually alters the meaning of the words. This is two previous items I’ve written on the subject joined. Unfortunately the spelling of the words have been Americanised!  I don’t recollect these incorrect …

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Antisemitism in Canada: B’nai Brith is MIA.

B’nai Brith Canada, one of Canada’s most important Jewish agencies, shared the fact that 2017, the last year of an antisemitic audit, was the worst year in Canada for Jew hating incidents. B’nai Brith Canada’s Annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents reports that 2017 was the second consecutive year in which record numbers were reached. The …

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