Sue Donham

How Holocaust Education Deceives and Disappoints.

Holocaust education is sacrosanct in the “Never Again!” arsenal among both Jews and non-Jews and across the political spectrum.  Per a 2018 survey, 93% of U.S. adults want it taught in schools and 80% say “it is important to keep teaching about the Holocaust so it does not happen again.” …

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Christian Antisemitism: A Legacy that Lives On.

Since the mid-twentieth century, church teachings have moved in a decidedly “pro-Jewish” direction. Jews are no longer blamed for deicide, Jesus’s Jewishness is emphasized, and Christianity’s Jewish roots are increasingly explored.  Pope Francis has called antisemitism un-Christian and has urged followers to fight it.  He has also told Catholics to …

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How the Left Dovetails with Antisemitism.

For nearly a decade, I was obsessed with the Arab-Israeli conflict and the antisemitism that feeds it–until I came to conclude that the overarching threat of the day is the increasingly aggressive political left, with antisemitism (anti-“Zionism”) merely one of its “self-expressions.” I realize this is a provocative and stark …

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