Sheri Oz

Origin of the Palestinians According to a Genetic Study

Origin of the Palestinians

After having proven, in an earlier study, that Ashkenazi and non-Ashkenazi Jews share Middle Eastern origins, a group of 7 Spanish researchers exchanged the Israeli scientist in the previous study team for 2 Palestinian Arabs to work on a paper aiming to prove that the “Palestinians” have been living in …

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They Say: Burn Jew! But We Rise Like the Phoenix.

Jews are like the phoenix

Just two days ago Professor of Islamic History, Yusri Ahmad Zidan, was interviewed by Dr. Muhammed Khaled on Egyptian TV and the subtitled tape released today by MEMRI TV. Khaled’s smirk, as he hears how cheaply Jewish slaves sold for during Crusader times, sent chills up my spine. Both men …

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The True Nakba of the New Palestinians.

joining terror organizations

The Arabs who now call themselves Palestinians consider the Nakba as a pivotal event in their history. Nakba refers to the trauma of the failure of the mighty Arab nation to wipe out this little blotch on the map called Israel.  We Jews had the gall to come home and …

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