Sheri Oz

Self-Assertiveness, Nationalism And Israel.

Or: How did nationalism get such a bad rap? And: What’s a proud Israeli to do? People on the left side of the political spectrum talk about nationalism as if it is a dirty word, something to be discarded for global(homogen)ization. During the election campaign in the USA, many Americans …

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Interview With A Female Entrepreneur In Hebron’s Casbah

Partner in Women in Hebron organization

If someone tells you that economic desperation and “occupation” lead to Palestinian terrorism, then tell them about Laila and her sister, Nawal. Their story, and other similar stories from around the world, show that resourceful people find ways to better their lives and suggest that you look elsewhere for your …

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Daqamseh’s Release And Israel’s Silence

Daqamseh's release and Israel's silence

It is two weeks after Ahmed Daqamseh’s release — you remember: the murderer of 7 Israeli 13-year-old girls — and I still have a question. Search Twitter for reactions to Daqamseh’s release on the part of our elected representatives and you are met with almost absolute radio silence. It is …

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Daqamseh’s Mother And Widespread Hate

Daqamseh's mother

Moroccan writer and intellectual, Al-Saleh Bu-Walid, gives reason to hope that sanity may one day come to reign in our unstable and hate-filled part of the world in spite of the likes of Daqamseh’s mother. He was participating in a studio discussion on  a TV programme hosted by Al Jazeera …

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A Surprising Model For Fighting Antisemitism

fighting antisemitism

A model I developed for teaching sex education in a conservative and collectivist culture can perhaps be used for combating stereotypes, whether these are antisemitic stereotypes or stereotypes against any group, such as sexual minorities or ethnic minorities. First I will describe the sex ed course and then show how …

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Flood Libel And Propaganda Tours In Hebron

floods in Hebron

Flooding causes hardship.  In this day and age, there is no reason that a shop owner should lose his or her products because of winter rains that can come down suddenly and hard.  But Hebron’s Arab residents say that the evil Israeli occupation causes the floods because Israel delights in …

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Syrian Roadmap For Peace With Israel

Syria's Roadmap to peace

In a previous article about founder and leader of the National Salvation Front of Syria, Fahad Almasri, I wrote that I was unable to find an online copy of the organization’s Roadmap for Syrian-Israeli peace.  Within a short time, an email from Almasri himself was waiting to be discovered in …

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Who Thought Of Trading Tzipi Livni For Salam Fayyad?

Tzipi Livni

Tzipi Livni has reason now to leave Israeli politics for greener fields. Head of Hatnua political party, she wanted to be Prime Minister of Israel and has not been able to break through the political morass to achieve her goal. But her qualities  [Caveat: which some say include the dubious quality …

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Punctuating History And Narratives In The Middle East

Ancient map of Israel - history

Here is a way of looking at the history of the so-called Israeli occupation of so-called Palestinian land: History is narratives. Narratives are stories. Stories have beginnings, middles and endings. Human history has no end in sight so nobody knows how this story of our sojourn on Earth is going …

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Elor Azaria: Victim Or Hero? Four Questions.

While emotions are still running high, people are rushing to condemn the Military Court or to condemn those condemning the Military Court.  I am not prepared to do either.  I am still asking myself questions.  Here are some of them.  1… Elor Azaria killed only one of the two terrorists …

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Israel: Indigenous Upstart Nation Scares World Leaders

Jews are Indigenous to Israel, including Judea and Samaria

I finally figured it out – I now know why the world wants to dictate the agreement they think we should reach with the Arabs, sorry – the “Palestinians”. It isn’t that the world really thinks that the “West Bank” (i.e., Judea and Samaria) is occupied territory. And it isn’t …

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After Haifa’s Fires Put Out The Real Story Begins

Haifa’s fire story, like Israel’s story, is one of renewal and rebuilding. The fire totally destroyed over 500 homes, leaving over 1500 residents with no place to return as the city got the all clear. But that is only where this story begins. The blackened patches of earth will not …

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Pyro-Terrorism In Israel: 7 Points To Ponder


We will probably never know the whole story behind the 200+ fires that set Israel ablaze over the past 3-4 days. But pyro-terrorism should not surprise us. We were forewarned. Long ago. Fire as a Weapon of War Fire has been used in warfare throughout human history. Villages have been …

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