Sheri Oz

Jews And Palestinian Arabs Making Friends For Peace


Grassroots organizations and many well-meaning individuals tell us that regular people, Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs, have to dialogue with each other in order to break through the walls of hate and make bridges that can lead to peace. . . that we regular people can do what our own …

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Mudar Zahran: Promising Jews A Garden Of Eden

Mudar Zahran

A Jordanian comes along and tells Israelis that Jordan is Palestine and that all our problems will be solved when the whole world recognizes that fact. Everyone will finally get off Israel’s back, bringing to life the Garden of Eden in the New Middle East. The “only” problem is that …

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Settler-Colonial Israel Is A Shitty Country

settler-colonial country

And here is proof from our very own Hebrew University of Jerusalem! Two faculty members at Hebrew U. got together to write an article about how Israel commits child abuse toward the Palestinian Arab children living under what they call the “settler-colonial regime”. This article is nothing more than a …

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Does Israel Miss The British Mandate?

Seems we Israelis, or some of us, may have been nostalgic for the British Mandate period for — well, for ever-since-the-Brits-got-on-their-boats-and-shipped-back-to-the-UK. Professor Eitan Bar-Yosef of Ben Gurion University says we have missed them in two different ways; neither of these are very complimentary to us, but not in a mean …

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Jews Are From Mars . . . Or Perhaps From Ross 128


Well, not really Ross 128 itself, because Ross 128 is a star. Like our own sun, it is a star that has a planet near it that looks habitable. Astronomers have not yet named Ross 128’s nearby, possibly-habitable-planet. But since Mars does not seem to be able to sustain human …

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Jews: Colonized Or Colonizers?

page of thesaurus with words related to colonized

This is about antisemitism and mind games and colonizers and the colonized. The inspiration leading to my reflections here was found in a relatively recent article published in the prestigious British Journal of Criminology. The authors of this article are relentless in their vilification of Israel. I will soon provide …

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Much Ado About Mudar Zahran

Mudar Zahran

This is Part II of a three-part series on the Jordan Is Palestine Conference that took place on 17 October 2017 and reports on things Mudar Zahran said at the conference and later, in telephone interviews with me. Mudar was at the heart of much controversy in the weeks leading …

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Rasmea Odeh and Fake Academics

rasmea odeh

Rasmea Odeh is unfairly maligned, according to a paper showcased on Reed College’s online journal. Fake academia at its best! This critique was prepared in honour of Odeh’s deportation from the USA scheduled for today (19 September 2017).   @TimesofIsrael What makes terrorist murderer Rasmea Odeh an ‘ex-terrorist’? Repentance? #Terrorist …

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The Arabs Should Have Victories Like This Every Day!

Temple Mount

Perspective is something we easily lose when our emotions run high. I have a friend who often puts things into proper proportions for me. I sought a calming voice after the saga that was distressing (for me and many others, but not everyone) of putting up metal detectors and cameras …

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Jerusalem And The Western Wall: Is This What Reform Wants?

Western Wall and the Reform Movement

Think outside the box when looking for solutions to the current fissure in the Israel-Diaspora relationship. Many American Jews, some of whom are Zionists, say they feel like they have been slapped in the face when Netanyahu cancelled the agreement reached regarding the egalitarian prayer section along the Western Wall …

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Oslo And Occupation

Clinton, Rabin and Arafat at signing of Oslo I - is there occupation after Oslo?

Those who regard Israel as occupying the West Bank (Judea & Samaria) should reconsider the issue in view of the way they regard legally binding contracts. All countries have legal ages of majority, the age at which an individual can sign a legally binding contract. In the USA, for example, …

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I Will Not Join An Arab-Jewish Peace Organization (Yet)

I do not see the point of joining any “peace” organization that includes Israelis and “Palestinian” Arabs before we see such a group rise up from within the “Palestinian” Arab population itself and not because some Jews reached out to them and offered them an olive branch on bended knees. …

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