Myths & Facts.

Mandate for Palestine.

Mandate for Palestine Sovereignty over the Land of Israel London – July 24, 1924 The Mandate for Palestine, a historical League of Nations document, laid down the Jewish legal right to settle anywhere western Palestine, a 10,000- square-miles area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The Mandate’s roots …

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MYTH: Israeli Settlements are Illegal.

FACT: On November 18, 2019, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo expressed the Trump administration’s position that “the establishment of Israeli civilian settlements in the West Bank is not per se inconsistent with international law.”  This was inaccurately described in the media as a reversal of long standing American policy.  In …

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MYTH: There are no Palestinian settlements.

FACT: An international furor erupted when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that if he won the election he would assert Israeli sovereignty over parts of Area C where the Oslo Accords already grants Israel full administrative control.  This hysteria was magnified by the usual assertions that Jewish settlements in that …

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