Michael Lumish

Taking Back Our History

The Jewish people in the Middle East are a people under siege. Aside from the perpetual violence leveled at the Jewish minority in the region, the Jewish people are also subject to the theft of our history.  This is a theft that cannot be measured in financial terms.  This is …

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The Holy of Holies

The snippet below was written by Kochava Rozenbaum and published at Arutz Sheva. In wake of Tuesday’s decision by police officials in charge of the Temple Mount to ban non-Muslims entrance to the holy site, some two hundred protesters stood Wednesday morning at the foot of the Mugrabi entrance seeking to reverse …

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The Noose Has Loosened

The failure of the Muslim Brotherhood to maintain power in Egypt, despite backing from United States President Barack Obama, may have averted disaster. The so-called “Arab Spring,” which brought the Brotherhood into power in Egypt, is the rise of the movement for Sharia – which is the movement for Muslim …

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